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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hacking and CYBERCZAR from Barac OBAMA

We have got some best dudes in world who can do low level Linux, Microsoft, or Solaris, or any other breakthroughs. They say, If you can make most toughest lady propose you for love then you can be the best hacker in the world as you have ability to break all boundaries or bypass them.

These guys break into oracle systems or SQLServer, or mysql, or java codes wrapped by Struts, JSF or jsps. They are equally versatile on PHPs. Are they the best hackers in world?

Is it Nepal? Cyber Challenge tests nation’s top hackers - CNN.com

Now, we have seen so called break ins, coz ppl knew password or muncha house had bad programmers on its beginning days. Nobody has time to be anti-social, a geek, or study codes to root level even up to assembly level for history sake , although these days we can use most powerful tools , I remember at our time BACK ORIFICE from China. OMG, it was best!!!
We may try a lot but nepal’s current culture and civilazation, and development level does not contribute much in growing hackers, crackers, breakers, and like that. We may need to wait. But Why don’t head on first?

Be the ultimate penetration tester or a inbound specialist.
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