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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SAVE Ms. Puspa Khanal http://tinyurl.com/savepuspakhanalinColoradoUSA , Thanks http://www.anaonline.org/ for trying to help student at University of Wyoming studying Molecular Biology


Save a Nepali Student in Colorado United sTates of America

Ms. Puspa Khanal, a student at University of Wyoming studying Molecular Biology met a tragic accident on 21st Sept, 2010. She was immediately taken to nearby Ivinsion Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to Medical Center of Rockies in Loveland, CO due to the seriousness of injuries. She was diagnosed with a broken right ankle, fracture in right femur, left clavicle, L1 vertebra and minor brain injuries. Later she was transferred to Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, CO where she is being treated lately. Both of her parents (Basu Dev and Sarada) are here and taking care of her.

As you know ANA is currently responding multiple community crises. We are in urgent need of cash for accommodation, transportation, bills and physical Therapies. We would like to sincerely request to everyone to please come forward and save the life of bright Nepali student.
To donate, please go to the link below,
or visit www.anaonline.org For more information, please contact Mr. Basu Dev Khanal at 303-506-9935

With full of appreciation in advance,
ANA Family

Thursday, June 3, 2010

OSHO: Making Love Is a Sacred Experience be healthy wealthy and wise

OSHO: Making Love Is a Sacred Experience

be healthy wealthy and wise

Monday, March 1, 2010

Holi Purnima Punhen Nepal India Full Moon Day Festival of Colors

holi purnima : A Tradition Culture along India Nepal since millenniums >>>><<<
Colors are blissful
Full Moon day is gleaming
Shine your brain
Polish your thoughts
Brighten your future


Enjoy your day
Intoxicate your mind
Play with your friends
Spray the water
drink a lot of bhang
Be Mangal Pandey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o8Cslm9uNc

Be Amitabh Bachhan : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm17BPGvZSc

Flirt with ladies, women
Flirt with Gents , Men
Soak your clothes
Soak your heart
Play the Drums, Doldrums
Make funny faces
Sleep for days
Program new
Be creative
Use pumps
throw tukucha water
Even tag with Sewage
Wear white clothes for the day
Put one hand at waist another with others
savour the dhaturo
sip the mari..na
Explode the colors
Ring the bells
Fully love love and love
Season of prayers and blessings
Holika and Yamaraj is in your heart
Get rid of them
Paint Everything you can
Look the the beautiful shining full moon at night
Camp fire
Rich hues strike you off-balance
Harpoon the victim
MeSmerize by drunken movements aND DANCE A LOT

Be Radha Kanha Krishna Radha Love birds love pairs, Couples
Touch hands lock eyes lock heart lock souls
Get ultimate pleasure , bliss, spiritualism

Finally attain God via HOLI PUnhe, Purnima

Friday, February 19, 2010

6 six years job anniversary romance ship in ocean trip team


Year 2010 Valentine Day February 14, Job Anniversary Day February 16 , 6 years’ sexy shot,companionship
It is not a friendship or marriage or job, but, it is something fabulous and greater paradigm shift than anybody can enjoy in life.
Passing 6 six years with 6 Ws. Weather,Wealth,Wine,Women, Water,World. I got all during those last six years and hope to get more , hehe, you may not trust me, it is real fact.
The Ship has to fight fierce Storm and Icebergs Remember, Titanic’s mishap, as crew failed to detect and avoid the problem in time. So, prediction capabilities, warning systems are all prevalent and necessary in any ship of the world.
Our captain helped us grow, learn new things, and there is HR aspect also that was taken care of, thus helped me stay in this ship to allow to complete 6 years, Else, I changed ships every year.
People live for those 6 Ws and it is what they crave for.
Ship’s Destination is important too as everybody has own dreams, intuitions, cultural values, self esteem, and background social effects.
One should be grateful to the captain who smoothed your bruises, rough spikes, problems, and nuisances.
You always do mistake and when you learn to avoid and be saved from the trouble of the results of your mistakes, it is definitely a good advice from one’s captain.
Live and Let live is motto in the fierce ocean or seas.
So, you protect others like in the super hit film titanic marred by lot of story, romance, love,pregnancy, and long life of the women,an extremely rich women who narrates her story , anecdotes to her children, grandchildren, and others.
We see a lot of Divorce Rates these days, frequent, and by large a problem for both parties.
Both sides lose actually, nobody wins.
So, This newer world order wants to get rid of chaos, fight, rebellion, but peace,tranquility, and ordered solutions to any problems.
In a ship, the captain maintains Rules, disciplines, and procedures, that everyone must follow, else, he has security personnel posted to take care of any breakthroughs.
My current ship has decided a farther destination than others.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

United States of America barac Obama Healthcare Build Communities using Information Technology IT

If you smoke/drink, we need to analyze,which school you went, who were your friends, what your society was, how is your family.. to find the real cause of your disease.

Save American lives using Information Technology IT: Improving American Healthcare System, Health Care Delivery using IT to use Healthier communities. 40% have chronic conditions, progressive, episodes, Asthma, COPD, Obesity, Inactivity, Aging population, 98,000 deaths in United States of America, US, due to medical errors, Variation in clinical practice, Clinical decision making, and reduce medical errors. Demographic and cultural trends . 90 million Americans with chronic conditions spend total of 70% of American expenditures. How to manage a disease or any episode? Increased Incidence, US system is not able to handle acute episodes because patients are untrained, practitioners do not know what to do and Administrative,Clinical, Telemedicine, Educational, Population, Database, consumer Health, and Community Health Information Systems have not been effectual. Biotechnologies Genomics, Personalized Mediciane, Translational Science, Barac Obama promising EMR Eloctronic Medical Records for every American within next decade. Computerized Physician Order Entry CPOE, Decision Support Systems, DSS, Document/Imaging management, Fully Digital Hospital/healthcare.