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Sunday, January 10, 2010

United States of America barac Obama Healthcare Build Communities using Information Technology IT

If you smoke/drink, we need to analyze,which school you went, who were your friends, what your society was, how is your family.. to find the real cause of your disease.

Save American lives using Information Technology IT: Improving American Healthcare System, Health Care Delivery using IT to use Healthier communities. 40% have chronic conditions, progressive, episodes, Asthma, COPD, Obesity, Inactivity, Aging population, 98,000 deaths in United States of America, US, due to medical errors, Variation in clinical practice, Clinical decision making, and reduce medical errors. Demographic and cultural trends . 90 million Americans with chronic conditions spend total of 70% of American expenditures. How to manage a disease or any episode? Increased Incidence, US system is not able to handle acute episodes because patients are untrained, practitioners do not know what to do and Administrative,Clinical, Telemedicine, Educational, Population, Database, consumer Health, and Community Health Information Systems have not been effectual. Biotechnologies Genomics, Personalized Mediciane, Translational Science, Barac Obama promising EMR Eloctronic Medical Records for every American within next decade. Computerized Physician Order Entry CPOE, Decision Support Systems, DSS, Document/Imaging management, Fully Digital Hospital/healthcare.

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